2018-2019 Officer/Committee Applications

Officer and Application Info

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the 2018-2019 Supply Chain Club Officer Positions.

These officer positions lead the club and allow us to do many incredible things. They take commitment and effort, but also come with some perks:

  • Preference for club trips, unless previously attended (i.e. Los Angeles, Chicago, UPS WorldPort, GM, etc.)

  • Leadership experience. We manage trips, trainings, tours, our budget, social media and fellow students.

  • Networking Opportunities (through trips, conferences, etc.)

  • The ability to voice your opinion and make significant changes in a strong organization.


The application for the President position closes on Thursday, March 29th at 5pm, with interviews the following day, March 30th. Applications for other officer positions close Sunday, April 1st at 12pm, with interviews April 2nd and 3rd. The application takes around 15 minutes to complete.


Interviews for strong applicants will be conducted by Professor Roger Woody, Colin Smith (current President), Ellie House (current VP), and the incoming President (after election).

Please contact Colin or Ellie at scm.kansas@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your interest!


Here are the available positions and their descriptions:




  • Lead the club’s day-to-day operations and oversee club events

  • Collaborate with club advisor, Roger Woody, and officer team to accomplish goals

  • Pursue strategies for club growth and membership engagement

  • Manage club financials and invoicing

Vice President

  • Plan and conduct monthly club meetings and b-school events

  • Coordinate club funding and involvement opportunities

  • Manage SCM classes, internal outreach and membership

  • Promote internships, jobs and opportunities for students

Event Planner

  • Develop and execute external events (company visits and club trips)

  • Manage post-event surveys

  • Correspond with company representatives—gifts, thank you, etc.

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop and distribute content for the SCM Club online and in-person

  • Manage all social media outlets, email strategy and digital fliers

  • Evaluate marketing analytics data and make informed marketing decisions

  • Update and maintain Wix Website

Business School and Underclassmen Relations

  • Represent the SCM club at the KU Undergraduate Business Council

  • Liaison between SCM club and advising, career services and other B-school clubs

  • Communicate with club sponsors and event representatives about development ideas

  • Increase awareness of the SCM major within the business school

Committee Member (not an officer)

  • Work closely with specific officer to gain valuable experience in area of interest

  • Serve as contributing member of the club with the ability to create and make changes

  • Build resume and knowledge of the club to be considered for future position

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